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MTFC® is an alternative to placement in group/residential care settings or to incarceration or psychiatric hospitalization. In MTFC®, youth are placed singly in well-trained and supported community foster homes. The major goals of MTFC® are to create supports and opportunities for youth so they can live successfully in the community and to prepare their parents, relatives, or other aftercare family to use skills and methods that allow them to maintain the gains their youth has made while in MTFC® once he or she returns home. MTFC® includes multi-level interventions in family, community, and school settings. Youth receive individual therapy, skill training, and academic supports. Their families receive family therapy. Typically, MTFC® placements are short-term (from 6-9 months). From the beginning of placement, work with the youth’s parents is emphasized to prepare the youth and the adults for post-MTFC® life. Four key elements are targeted in MTFC® and in aftercare. Providing youth with a consistent reinforcing environment that builds on individual strengths Providing clear structure and limits with well-specified consequences that are delivered in a teaching-oriented way Providing close supervision of the youth’s whereabouts Helping youth avoid associations with peers who are likely to have a negative influence, and developing skills for having relationships with positive peers. MTFC® and Multidimensional Treatment Foster Care® are copyrights and trademarks of Oregon Community Programs. All rights reserved.


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