Housing Resources

Services that help with affordable housing and provide utility assistance.


New Day Enterprises thrives as a person centered organization. We enhance the quality of life for the individuals we support. We do that by promoting self determination, independence, responsibility and empowerment.

We offer a variety of living situations from supported living, where people live on their own with staff assistance; In-Home specialized support services; to group home living that provides 24/7 services for people who may have fragile medical conditions.
New Day Enterprises has a dynamic Day Service Activity program for those folks who want to mix up their service options. Build your own day around the activities you choose. There are many creative, safe, stimulating and recreational opportunities for socialization and making new friends. It's fun!
All supports focus on community inclusion and making connections in our community. At New Day Enterprises, we never lose sight of the privilege and responsibility inherent in our work.
New Day is truly what our name says. It is a chance for all program participants to be successful. Our strength is in our wonderful community and in our belief in the amazing dignity of the human spirit.


1502 Washington Ave.
La Grande, OR 97850
United States